Why You May Want to Introduce Your Baby to the Minority Language

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I learn.” While it is possible to become proficient in a second language at any age, if multiple languages are introduced from childhood—preferably at infancy—they are acquired effortlessly. It is said that babies who are exposed to two or more languages […]

Common Worries Among Parents Raising Children Abroad

I have been living and raising my children in Japan for the last few years. Some of the things that I like about raising my children here is the access you have to an excellent healthcare system, the safe and peaceful community, and the opportunity to learn another language. However, raising children in a foreign […]

8 Things Parents Can Do When Raising a Biracial Child

As a parent of a biracial child, I am always thinking of how to best equip him with the skills and tools to navigate society. While many biracial children are perceived as attractive, more open-minded, and adaptable, biracial people may face some challenges. Some biracial individuals are questioned about their identity, challenged about where they […]

3 Comments I Have Heard about Bilingual Parenting and Why You Should Ignore Them

Before and after my child was born, I heard several comments regarding his linguistic development. Some of these comments were related to potential speech delays, language confusion, and possibly lagging behind peers in the community language when formal schooling starts. Now, why would people make these comments? Well, some people may have little to no […]